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Paid to Click sites form an ecosystem to connect the products and services to the customers. So, advertisers get the benefits of leads & sales for their businesses through paid to click advertising and the workers enjoy earning money and exploring new opportunities to expand their internet portfolio.

The PTC sites offer one of the easiest ways to earn money online. It's so simple that even kid can complete the daily paid to click tasks! Besides simple paid to click is highly potential if you can make use of it wisely. That's why PTC sites are the source of easy money!!!

With technology grows faster, the websites come up with new features to be more reliable. The responsive technology makes it easier for the Paid To Click users to work on PTC sites across various devices including Mobile phones and Tablets. It offers a great to work from anywhere experience.

Paid to Click Sites are the one among very few internet programs that offer a way to make passive income to people without skills. While there are several other ways to make passive income online, the PTC site is really simple that anyone can do it within 6 months.

PayPal has ceased its support to PTC sites since they considered Paid to Click as an unstable business structure. It was time for PTC sites to look for alternatives. Now the Paid to Click Sites have a wide range of payment options to withdraw earnings as cash and cryptocurrencies all across the world.

PTC Sites

  • Get Paid to Click
  • Explore Content
  • $2 Min Payout
  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Cash Rewards
  • Referral Programs

GPT Sites

  • Multiple Earning Options
  • Paid Surveys
  • Micro Task Job
  • Redeem Gift Cards
  • Cash Rewards
  • Affiliate Programs

Crypto Faucets

  • Bitcoin Faucets
  • Ethereum Faucets
  • Daily Payouts
  • Multiply Games
  • Micro Wallets
  • Referral Programs

PTC Grade doesn't stop with Paid to Click Sites


We help you Explore more opportunities to make money online that are as simple as PTC

GPT Sites are the online rewarding sites that offer endless opportunities with multiple earning features in one place. It's the one-stop destination where you can earn money by taking surveys, playing games, going tasks, completing cash offers, exploring sites, shopping online, etc.

One of the very few programs that offer the opportunity to open users to earn money 24\7. They expect the workers to work hard with a higher accuracy level to be part of their program. Earn money doing simple Human Intelligence Tasks for clients and companies to earn money from home.

The highest paying market research programs on the internet where you can earn by giving your opinion about the products & services of companies, lifestyle, politics, health & fitness, etc. Paid surveys are known to pay up to $5 for general research studies and up to $200 for advanced research.

A simple program similar to GPT sites with almost all the features available on these sites within an extra feature to showcase them as the PTR site i.e. getting paid for reading emails and getting paid for reading ads in the email. Be part of PTR sites to earn $0.05 per email.

With mobile phones overtaking traditional computers in the number of internet users, now the companies started to focus on the smartphone users to create mobile applications to earn money using the Android mobile phone and iPhone as they go. Get the apps to start earning money with a touch.

Paid to Click FAQs Answered


Are PTC Sites Reliable?

Yes, PTC sites are reliable if you can make use of it potentially.

What makes PTC sites reliable?

The hard truth is only less than 5% of paid to click users feel it's reliable since they make use of it to make money that makes sense. Remaining 95% don't understand how to make use of PTC sites. They simply click ads for a few days before they give up!

Can I really make money on PTC sites?

The straight forward answer is, you can make money on PTC sites only by building a referral base stronger. If you can't make referrals, you're going to make only a few cents.

Are PTC Sites Legit?

The hard truth is most of the PTC sites are scams. You must not invest money or time in new PTC sites unless they run successfully for more than a year. As most of them will stop within months.

There are legit PTC sites that really Pay!

What is Bitcoin PTC site?

The Bitcoin PTC sites are exactly similar to the regular PTC sites. The only difference it the ads of Bitcoin PTC sites pay Satoshis instead of USD. Few PTC sites pay in USD but have Bitcoin as one of the withdrawal options.

Do PTC Sites Pay via PayPal?

Not anymore! Paid to click sites no more users PayPal as the Payment option since PayPal ceased all it's support to the paid to click sites since they consider them as a potential threat to their business policies.

PTC sites pay $1, $10 per click. Is that true?

It can never be true. Why a website should pay $1 per ad click. There are no PTC sites in the world that pay $1 per click. The minimum PPC is $0.001, $0.01 on average in the case of high paying PTC sites, and the maximum you can expect is $0.02. There are very few sites that pay $0.04 for the Ultimate memberships.

How do I get paid from PTC sites?

PTC sites have a wide range of payment options that include Airtm, Perfect Money, Skrill, NETELLER, WebMoney, etc. Some of the PTC sites pay cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.

Can I use PTC sites on mobile phone?

While some of the scripts don't support mobile phones, there are a lot of responsive PTC sites that work across all the devices including smartphones, tablets, and Desktop/Laptop.

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