PTC Site beginner Guide

If you’re a beginner to paid to click or a long term PTC sites user suffering to make money on PTC sites, this article will be helpful for you to get started with PTC sites.

Basics of PTC Sites:

Before getting started with the PTC sites it’s important to know the full working of PTC sites.

Understanding the working of PTC sites will be very helpful for you to get an idea of how simple is this.

What is PTC in plain words:

The term PTC refers to “Paid to Click”.

The PTC sites refer to “Paid to Click” Sites.

In simple words paid to click means, they pay us for click.

Click what? Click ads! They pay us just for clicking ads on their site.

How Does PTC Sites Work:

So, now you know that PTC Sites pay us for clicking ads. Your mind would have raised a question of why they pay us just for clicking ads?

The answer advertisers!

The advertisers pay PTC sites for displaying their ads on PTC sites.

While there are several types of advertising available on the internet like CPC advertising, CPM advertising, etc. PTC advertising is a little different.

Only PTC advertising pay the users for viewing ads the ads of the advertisers.

PTC Advertising Explained:

How PTC sites works

The image given above will give you an idea about how PTC sites work.

The PTC sites act as the connector between the advertisers and Earners/Ad viewers.

This is the primary model of how most of the advertising model work,

PTC Site & Advertisers:

Advertisers are the ones who promote their products and services through advertising. Which means advertisers want the people to see their advertisements to grow their business.

PTC sites are the advertising networks that help advertisers to connect with millions of users around the world. It’s impossible for the advertisers to connect the customers without the help of advertising networks i.e. the PTC site.

Advertisers will pay the PTC sites to publish their ads to get exposure.

Advertisers & Earners:

And now it’s time for you – You are the earner on the PTC sites otherwise the potential customer who sees the ads of the advertisers.

The potential customer is the one who may become the customer but not a customer for now.

Thousands of earners(potential customers) like you will be part of the PTC sites viewing ads of the advertisers. While not all the earners will sign up for the services provided by the advertiser, a part of earners may use their services.

Thus the advertisers get the customers via advertising.

PTC Site & Earners:

So, what do you get for watching the ads? Money!

Yes, the PTC site pays you money for watching the ad. They don’t worry if you read the ad content or not and if you sign up for the service or not.

The moment you watch the ad, you will be paid.

By watching ads of multiple advertisers, you can earn more money.

So Why Does the PTC site have to Pay the Users?

Paid to click is something that works differently.

Unlike the regular advertising which do not ask people to click ads, the paid to click advertising forces the members(earners) to watch ads.

They compensate the users for doing the pre-defined action i.e. watching ads.

It’s the platform that is designed in such a way that pays whoever watches the ads on their site.

Why should PTC Sites do all these?

As said before PTC sites act as a platform that connects the advertisers with the earners/customers like us.

So, what’s the benefit of the PTC sites for running the platform?

PTC sites do make a lot of profit. They take a part of the money from the advertisers’ spending and share a part of the money with the earners.

PTC sites finance chart

In this way, they were able to cover the hosting charges, maintenance, development costs, security, costs, and employee costs.

After covering all these expenses, PTC sites hold the remaining funds as the profit.

The profit is directly proportional to the number of users and advertising made by the advertisers.

When a PTC site runs its platform with potential advertisers and thousands of workers to click the ads, they make tons of profit at the end.

Getting Started with PTC Sites as an Earner:

Now you know that the PTC sites pay the users for clicking ads on their site.

It’s time to get started with paid to click to earn money.

Usually, the PTC sites work in the primary concept of click ads to earn money.

When you click on ads, the PTC site will automatically credit the money to your PTC account that can be withdrawn later on reaching the minimum payout threshold.

How to Earn Money on PTC sites

While it’s a straight forward concept of earn money by clicking ads, it’s impossible to earn money only by click ads.

You must understand that successful PTC users don’t earn money by clicking ads themselves but using the referral program.

By forming a stronger downline with active referrals, one can earn thousands of dollars without working hard.

The concept of referral is explained in this article in detail for better understanding.

Is PTC Site all about Clicking Ads?

Unlike the GPT sites, the PTC sites primarily focus on the paid to click ads.

Few PTC sites provide more ways to earn money usually by integrating third-party OfferWalls apps into their network.

You can earn money by answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, answering polls, subscribing to free trials, installing apps, etc.

However, these are not potential ways to earn money on PTC sites. These cash offers are just meant to add some cents to your paid to click account.

So, your focus should be on paid to click ads and referral program.

Paid to Click Referral Programs:

You have come to the most important section of getting started with PTC sites.

To answer the million-dollar of paid to click industry of, how much can I earn from PTC sites?

The straight forward answer is based on how many referrals you have in your downline. Screening the referral requirements, it’s based on how many active referrals work¬†under you.

The more active referrals under you, the more you can earn.

What is a Referral in Paid to Click:

The referral is a person who was referred by you to the PTC site.

PTC sites will have a unique referral program that pays a commission to you for the referral actions performed on the PTC site.

In simple, when your referral clicks an ad, you will get a referral commission credited to your account.

For example, if a referral clicks an ad worth $0.01, the referral will get $0.01 for the click and the referrer(you) will get $0.001 to $0.01 as referral commission for the click.

The referral commission will vary based on membership. While the standard members earn only 10% to 50% referral commissions, the upgraded members will get up to 100% referral commission on the line.

Thousands of PTC users make tons of dollars as passive income with their affiliate marketing skills.

The number of Referrals matters a lot…

Now you know that the referrals are the one referred by you to the PTC sites and they can make money for you.

Here is an abstract for better understanding,

Let’s not get too high or too low. With an average(50%) calculation, a PTC user with 100 active** referrals can make,


100 X $0.0005(500) + 100 X $0.005(50) = $75*

(*There is no guarantee that the referrals may click all the ads and the earnings can fluctuate drastically based on the number of ads available in PTC sites.)

(**Active referrals are the ones who actively click ads.)

An example of how much an active PTC user with good affiliate skills can earn money with active referrals.

This isn’t just a joke. It requires immense hard work initially and good skills to achieve passive income.

Types of Referrals in PTC Sites:

There are two types of referrals in PTC sites, the direct referrals and the rented referrals!

Direct Referrals in PTC Sites:

The direct referrals are the referral who sign up using your referral link provided by the PTC site.

When a user clicks your referral link to join, the PTC site will track it and mark it as the referral under you.

You are the referrer and the user joined under you is the referral.

Based on the terms of the referral program, mostly you can have unlimited referral under you.

For every action made by the referral, the PTC site will pay you the referral commission.

The direct referral concept is straight forward and practical.

Rented Referrals in PTC Sites:

Unlike direct referrals, you can rent referrals on PTC sites by paying some money.

People who usually suffer to make direct referrals will rent referrals.

Rented referrals will generate the same profit. But you will have to renew the rented referrals once every month spending money.

Unlike the direct referrals, there will be limitations in the number of rented referrals you can rent. It’s because rented referrals are subjected to availability.

Some of them make decent money with the rented referrals while others claim they are just pre-programmed bots.

So, the rented referrals remain a mystery for a long time. It’s not straight forward.

I noticed the PTC script section in the PTC site which has an option for bots.

So, it’s better to go with direct referrals to earn money without investing in renting refs.

Paid to Click Membership Upgrades:

Every paid to click site will have membership upgrades within it.

You will have to purchase the membership upgrades to get high paying PTC ads and to increase the referral commission.

Membership upgrades are the crucial part of paid to click to make a profit.

People who are confident enough in making referrals should invest in membership upgrades to earn more.

The membership upgrades offer higher referral commissions, higher referral upgrade share, and ensures more PTC ads delivered to your account.

Some of the PTC sites offer free advertising credits to their members for membership upgrades.

More on Paid to Click for Earners:

Here are some of the things you must understand as an earner before starting your paid to click career.

Earning Money as an Individual on PTC Sites:

Here is a case study of how much you can earn on the PTC sites as an Individual.

The fact is it’s impossible to earn a decent amount working as an earner by clicking ads on PTC sites.

Let’s make a rough calculation of how much you can earn per day on PTC sites by clicking ads. No membership upgrades!


20 X $0.001 + 20 X $0.0005 = $0.03 = $0.05(Round off)

Calculating the earnings for a month,


$0.05 X 30 = $1.5(Per month)

Look at the rough calculations. All you can make is $1.5 approx. on a PTC site as an earner.

The case study shows that it’s impossible to make a reliable income on PTC sites if you want to earn money by clicking ads as an individual earner without referrals.

Earning Money as an Affiliate Marketer on PTC Sites:

Make a real deal with the PTC sites as a skilled affiliate marketer on PTC sites.

The affiliate marketer based on PTC sites is the one who refers new users to the paid to click websites.

As discussed earlier, the PTC sites pay referral commission for the referral clicks.

With very few referrals it’s almost impossible to earn more money. You need to be an efficient affiliate marketer to drive more referrals consistently.

While a single referral makes only a few penny, a crowd can convert the cents to Dollars. So, it’s a numbers game!

Here is a rough calculation on how much you can make money as an affiliate marketer on the PTC site with 1000 referrals with 50 referrals on the active state.

Been said you will be upgrading your membership to Ultimate instead of standard. So, the referral commission increases and so do the ad rate.


(Number of refs) X ad rate(no. of std ads) + (Number of refs) X ad rate(no. of pre ads) = Earnings(per day)
50 X $0.0005(250) + 50 X $0.005(25) = $12.5

Calculating the earnings per month,


$12.5 X 30 = $375(Per month)

Applying the same affiliate strategy on 5 PTC sites,


$375 X 5 = $1875(Per month)

Remember that this is a rough calculations and let’s take that with the mentioned referral number in fiver established PTC sites you can make somewhere from $1000 to $1875 month.

I hope now you know the power of PTC sites where you can make thousands if you can invest time in accumulating referrals.

How Many PTC Sites Should I work on?

It’s a good rule of thumb to limit signing up on 5 PTC sites that are legitimate and established.

Experts can go for 10 PTC sites when they have more to do other than those 5 on which they have already signed up.

People who keep on signing up whenever they find new PTC sites will not succeed as they can’t make any progress over time.

Rule of Success – 1:

Join only one to a few PTC sites.

Test them to find which one works best for you.

Do not join more paid to click sites like sheep!

Rule of Success – 2:

If you cannot make referrals, stop here.

PTC sites are not for you.

You cannot make anything just by clicking ads.

You need to make a lot of referrals to make some money on PTC sites.

Rule of Success – 3:

Make sure to train your referrals if possible to let them stay active.

Noob Paid to click users usually quit within days.

The number of refs: number of active refs should be almost the same for good!

Get Started with PTC Sites:

I hope you would have got an idea of how to make money on PTC Sites.

This is the straight forward guide. There are no shortcuts, there are no magic spells, it’s all about your efforts in making referrals.

Continue with List of PTC Sites to Join.

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