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If you’re a noob to paid to click or if you’re an existing paid to click user struggle to make money on PTC sites, here is the guide to get started with PTC sites.

List of Best PTC Sites:

Check out the list of best PTC sites that pay the users at least for a few years.

S. No.

PTC Site Name



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Ojooo Wad



Scarlet Clicks

Airtm, Payoneer


BTC Clicks



GPT Planet

Airtm, Crypto


Free Bitcoin



Optimal Bux

Airtm, Payeer







Continue to read more in detail about these PTC sites.

In-Depth Analysis of PTC Sites listed above:

1. Ojooo Wad:

Launched in 2012

Ojooo wad is one of the established PTC sites based in Germany paying its members for years.

Unlike other PTC sites that use prebuilt scripts, Ojooo wad is one of the very few sites that use a custom script for their PTC site.

The stability of Ojooo wad gets powered by the Ojooo web industry which offers a lot of web-based services other than paid to click advertising.

Ojooo has changed it’s paid to click business model over the years and sustained the downfall of paid to click industry.

In 2016 decision of PayPal to stop payment support to PTC sites has been a primary reason for PTC sites to crash.

Many top PTC sites including Clixsense has faced the problem of attracting advertisers due to a lack of reliable payment solutions like PayPal. So, they have changed their business model to the GPT site where the paid to click section has been completely removed while running with paid surveys, Appen tasks, OfferWall offers, etc.

By 2019 Clixsense has been acquired by Prodege LLC, the company that operates Swagbucks. They renamed Clixsense as Ysense with almost the same features including PayPal payments along with Payoneer, Skrill, and gift cards.

But along with few other PTC sites listed below, Ojooo continued to grow as stable PTC sites with alternative payment options like Bitcoin.

Currently, Ojooo has been marked as safe to earn money by clicking ads.

While Ojooo used to publish hundreds of PTC ads back when they have started, now the number of ads has significantly reduced and they have removed the ad category and integrated ad page as a single section.

Ads of all values now get displayed in a single section instead of categorizing based on the ad value.

Ojooo wad users have the option to both rent referrals and refer direct referrals to their site.

By upgrading the Ojooo Wad account to the privileged version, users can enjoy higher ad rates, unlock premium ads, and get an increased referral commission. Ojooo Wad only provides monthly upgrades.

They have the minimum payout threshold of just $2 for the first time users.

Ojooo Wad users can withdraw their money only with Bitcoin now. While previously they had an option to withdraw money with PayPal, Payza, and Ethereum.

Join now Ojooo Wad.

2. Scarlet Clicks:

Launched in 2009

Launched in 2009, Scarlet Clicks is one of the oldest PTC sites that still exists.

Though they use the Evolution script to run the PTC site, scarlet clicks have proved that building a PTC site with commercial script doesn’t make a site scam.

Scarlet Clicks have implemented simple and strict terms to maintain a clean ecosystem in the paid to click advertising.

They ensured to implement maximum security features to provide the best experience to the advertisers.

In the case of earners, Scarlet Clicks is the site where you can earn a decent income if you work on building your downline steadily.

The upgrades are pretty cheaper compared to the Ojooo wad. By upgrading to Silver membership that costs just $50 per year, you can enjoy earning 100% referral click commissions.

The downside of Scarlet Clicks is, they don’t publish high paying $0.01 ads for the standard users. The users will have to upgrade their account to unlock high paying Premium Plus ads.

So, if your downline consists of very few upgraded members, you cannot feel the money flowing into your account.

Scarlet Clicks allow their users to have unlimited direct referrals and limited rented referrals based on the upgrade.

We can find several Scarlet Clicks forums who crossed the $10000 mark and continue their journey as a successful earner.

They have a wide range of payment options from USD payment options like Payoneer, NETTELLER, Airtm, Skrill, Payeer, to the Crypto options like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash.

The minimum threshold for the new payout is just $2.

Join now Scarlet Clicks.

3. BTC Clicks:

Launched in 2013

BTC Clicks remain the top Bitcoin PTC site for years.

They surpassed the hardest time of Bitcoin volatility by paying their members on time.

Unlike other PTC sites, the BTCClicks has the feature of getting referral commission without any activity for 45 days by the referrer.

So, the BTCClicks is a gift for the people who have a busy schedule unable to click the minimum number of ads to get the referral commission paid the next day.

BTC Clicks pay the users in mBTC instead of USD, so the members can get the BTC credited to the account whatever the Bitcoin value is.

They used to adapt the value of the ad rate based on the Bitcoin price on the day. Though this is a significant disadvantage of direct Bitcoin PTC sites, users enjoy earning Bitcoin by clicking ads.

The main thing to discuss on BTC Clicks is its powerful referral program. They pay a 40% referral commission for the standard users and 80% referral commission for the premium members.

The premium membership is pretty cheap on BTC Clicks compared to other PTC sites.

It’s worth investing time in BTC Clicks to earn money by clicking ads and by building established downline with active referrals.

We noted that the referrals are more active in the Bitcoin PTC sites than the regular PTC sites since by default it’s hard for the users to calculate the earnings on BTC PTC sites relevant to USD. So, they just keep on clicking ads with a single intention to earn Bitcoin.

With a minimum payout of 0.1 mBTC, the BTC Clicks users can withdraw their satoshis to the BTC Wallet anytime they want to.

Join now BTC Clicks.

4. GPT Planet:

Launched in 2010

GPT Planet is the sister of Scarlet Clicks, started one year after the Scarlet Clicks services has commenced.

There isn’t much special to talk about the GPT Planet since their services exactly resemble Scarlet Clicks.

If you’ve read the Scarlet Clicks section above, apply the same here. Ad rate, upgrades, features, payouts, everything is the same as Scarlet Clicks.

GPT Planet and Scarlet Clicks has additional earning features such as Grid game, OfferWall offers, Ad Packs to help their users earn more money.

The members can earn money by taking surveys, playing games, completing tasks, and offers.

With the same payout options and minimum payout, you can choose to work both on GPT Planet and Scarlet Clicks to double your earnings.

The clone sites will be very useful for AB testing to find out which works better by applying different strategies on the sites.

Join now GPT Planet.

5. Free Bitcoin:

Launched in 2012

Free Bitcoin is the best and most established site to earn Bitcoin online.

While Free Bitcoin is not a PTC site, it’s a Bitcoin faucet that pays free Bitcoin once every hour deserves its position to be in the best PTC sites list as a complementary site that Paid to click users should not miss.

FreeBitcoin has paid Bitcoin worth millions of dollars. They have never failed to pay their users on Sunday server time if automatic payouts have been enabled.

They pay $0.0002 to $200 per claim to the users where most of the claims will dispense only $0.0002. So, one cannot earn more just by claiming Bitcoin on the faucet.

Join now FreeBitcoin.

6. OptimalBux:

Launched in 2012

Optimalbux is the PTC site that is run by the same owner who runs ScarletClicks and GPT Planet.

With some minor tweaks to the look and feel, Optimalbux has been launched to provide the best user experience to the paid to click users.

With almost similar features like the ScarletClicks and GPTPlanet, Opimalbux is no different from its predecessors.

The minimum payout is $5 a bit higher than those and it uses the same payment methods.

Join now – Optimalbux.

7. AdBTC:

Launched in 2016

AdBTC is a simple Bitcoin PTC site where you can earn Satoshi by viewing webpages.

Unlike other PTC sites listed above, AdBTC is a bit different from works primarily based on Bitcoin ads.

AdBTC members can earn money by surfing ads, auto surfing, and active window surfing.

The primary earning feature is surfing ads. When you choose to surf ads, a random webpage will open in a new page. You will have to watch the ads for a specified time to get paid.

In the case of active window surfing, you can choose the ads which you are going to surf.

Auto surfing earns you Satoshis for keeping the tab open. As long as there are ads available, it will load the webpages automatically that will make money for you.

You can withdraw your earnings directly to the Bitcoin Wallet, or the micro wallets like Faucetpay, Express crypto.

Join now AdBTC.

8. BtcVic:

Launched in 2014

BtcVic is one of the oldest BTC PTC sites that has been since the BTC value was less than $100.

They have gone through all the odds and gains of Bitcoin price volatility.

Till now they remain one of the best PTC sites that pay even if the pay per ad value is not high.

The low PPC ensures that they don’t get stuck in trouble during the crisis. They were able to pay the members on time until now.

BtcVic is as simple as the basic paid to click sites with no other options to earn like OfferWalls etc. But, they remain good in what they do i.e. pay to click. It’s the PTC site that really pays.

The minimum payout is just 0.00010000₿ and all the withdrawals are directly processed with zero fees to the Bitcoin wallet.

Join now BtcVic.

Conclusion on PTC Sites:

These are the best PTC sites that are tested and have been online for a long time paying its members.

Still more legitimate PTC sites will be added in the future. So, stay updated by visiting this page often.

If you’re a long term PTC user feel free to leave your suggestions below.

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